May 24, 2024

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7 Things To Look For In A New Home ~ Fresh Design Blog

If you’re planning on moving home, you should remember that you should never be too hasty. It’s far too much money to be playing around with, and you want to make sure the home that you move into is going to be comfortable for you and your future. There’s a lot to think about, and there’s a chance that if you rush things, you’re going to make a mistake.

Spending only a short time looking at the house you plan to buy could be something you seriously regret, and you should take a moment to look deeper for things that you need in a home. We all have things that we find comfortable and can’t live without. Don’t let your new home be without them.

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Local amenities

The first thing you should check for near your new home is the local amenities. Are you more of an outside person looking for somewhere to spend your time? Well, you wouldn’t want to move somewhere that’s too far from anything you would enjoy. It can be a pain if you have to hop into the car whenever you need to go out and buy bread or milk, let alone go shopping for things you want. Before you buy any home, you should also take a moment to check the google maps of the area, as well as take the time to explore it yourself.

While the property itself might be appealing, the area around it might be the opposite. It’s worth taking a look around when you go for a house visit.

Needed work

The process of having a house built and decorated can be stressful
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You should also be looking out for the things that you would change about the home. If there’s a lot of work that needs to be done before you feel the home would be liveable, you should be re-evaluating its worth of the home to you. Are you willing to pay the asking price for something that’s going to require a lot of investments later on? If you’re going to have to upgrade the home insulation, consider how much that would cost for you to get done, as well as any other changes you would want to make.

Possible damage

When touring a home, there’s always a chance that you’re not going to see everything for what it is. There could be underlying damage that the owners haven’t noticed, and while it might not be a problem immediately after buying, it’s something you’re going to need to take action on somewhere down the line. Look out for any cracks in the wall or floor while looking around – even a small and thin crack can be alarming, so take note of it. It could be a good idea to send someone to give the house a proper assessment so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Low crime rates

Not everything about an area will be apparent while you’re looking around, and the crime rates are one of those things. If you’re moving to a new area, you should always look into the news and crime rate surrounding that area to get a good idea of what you’re going to be dealing with if you live there. It’s important that when you move to a new property you feel safe – as it can be hard enough to settle without the fear of something happening to you.

 It can be hard to get a good judgment from the statistics, and it could help to compare them to the area that you already live in, as a way to gauge it.

Future comforts

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When you’re looking around your potential new home, you should be asking yourself if it’s somewhere you would like to live later on. In the current housing market, it can be hard to purchase a property, and you wouldn’t want to have to go through the process more than once. It’s much easier to stay put in one place and to do that you’ll have to plan ahead while buying. If you’re planning on raising a family in your home, you should be questioning whether this new location is right for that, or whether you should look elsewhere.

Even if you’re not planning on raising a family, is there anything you would like to do with your home that would require more space? Would you like a more open kitchen at some point? Are you planning to have your own studio? These things might not feel like a priority, but note that moving home isn’t something that’s fun to do often, so think about what you’re willing to wait for and what you need in the near future.

Light exposure

If you’re looking for faults in a new property, the lighting may not be something you’re alert of. It’s something we all take for granted when we have enough of it, but spending a lot of time without it can start to feel quite dull. You should make sure that the location of your new property welcomes a suitable amount of light from the outside throughout the day. Not only would it be unappealing to live in a dark home, but it would cost you a lot more in electrical bills if you had to have your lights on for half of the day as well as the evening.

Wi-Fi strength

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If there’s one thing that doesn’t stand out at all when looking around new properties, it’s the Wi-Fi strength. You’re not going to experience what the connection is like until you’ve moved in and got everything set up for yourself, and by the time you’ve done that – it’s too late. You might find that while looking around the property, you have no signal or connectivity, due to the walls being too thick. While it’s not a permanent issue, it’s something that might be quite expensive to deal with.

Do a quick test and try texting or calling someone while you tour the home just to make sure it’s stable.