May 24, 2024

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Kitchen Remodel Design Questions from a Designed in a Click Consultation — DESIGNED

Kitchen Remodel design recommendations

First of all, I love your cabinetry. I would not stain those, but keep them as is. Whenever you have quality, you should keep it and these cabinets are quality.

One of the big things that dates your house right now is the lighting and the cabinet hardware. They are “contemporary” from the 1990’s or maybe 2000’s. They just date the whole look and don’t really work with the house and the wood. Luckily those are easy things to change. I’ve got more on this below.

The next is your countertop and backsplash. I know you said you want to go light, so I have some options for you, below.

For the countertop, backsplash and paint in the kitchen I would make those all one creamy white color. It needs to be a warm white to work with the floor in this situation.

Option 1)

Taj Mahal quartzite is a natural stone product and has some subtle, pretty movement that would look good on your counters there. It varies a lot, but usually has some warm veining and then has a cream and warm gray overall tone. I think it would work well with your cabinets.

I am recommending that you paint the walls here, as that is a fairly inexpensive fix and will help tone down all the gold tones you are seeing. You could do a backsplash in a long, linear subway tile, I’d stack it (not do a subway brick style lay) so it will read more contemporary. You could also just do the splash out of the slab material.

For wall paint, I’d do SW 7568 Neutral Ground. It is a warm light color and in the lighting I have here, will blend with the tile and work with the Taj Mahal. Obviously, you would have to test all these in your own home to see how they look and if you like them. It looks like you have a lot of green outside, so you might get some of that reflection indoors, changing the color a bit.

Another option for paint with Taj Mahal is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. It’s a light warm gray, it just depends on the color direction you prefer. It looks great with Taj Mahal typically.