July 15, 2024

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Top 10 Exterior Home Repairs That Will Transform Your Backyard Into an Oasis

Top 10 Exterior Home Repairs That Will Transform Your Backyard Into an Oasis

Life seems to be in the fast lane in many ways today, and yet, paradoxically, more people are working from home than ever before. There has been a resurgence of interest and investment in the home backyard for many reasons. In addition to functioning as a family room, an entertainment area, a home office, and a kitchen, the backyard has become a trending “staycation” destination. You could not pick a better time to invest in exterior home repairs that can work like magic to transform your ho-hum backyard into a refreshing oasis.

Fire pits, planters, gutter guards, and water features will all be discussed in our list below, outlining the top 10 exterior home repairs that will help create your fantasy landscape and your personal soothing space.

1. Attend to Any Minor Exterior Home Repairs 

Take a critical look at your space and make sure nothing is out of place to detract from your dreamy, calming vibe. This may mean repairing loose shingles or siding. Perhaps industrial or electrical devices can be hidden in creative ways — or a simple coat of paint will freshen the space. Consider a leaf guard for gutters to keep the area tidy on rainy days. 

2. Create a Living Wall

Living walls are trending right now and for great reasons. Plants have an overall calming effect. There is much to choose from if you are doing a wall: succulents work perfectly, air plants are a unique choice, vines are dramatic, and flowers bring a great pop of color. Consider bringing in large planters and large exotic plants to help define the space as a different option.

3. Install or Upgrade Your Water Feature

If you don’t already have a water feature, it is pretty much a must for creating that oasis vibe. The simplest water features are tabletop fountains. These can be pre-purchased, or you can check out DIY instructions for making your own. Don’t be afraid to go large with your water feature for your oasis. Consider a wading pool, a hot tub, or a fully stocked pond complete with underwater lighting, fish, and aquatic plants.

4. Invest in Comfortable Furniture

Add comfortable outdoor furniture that really invites guests to stay longer. Oasis furniture can be chosen to suit any style at all. Most importantly, choose exterior furniture that offers maximum comfort and maximum versatility. Your oasis should have a theme and a set of colors that allow you to give some structure to your plans. Hammocks are trending right now, as well as hanging chairs. Look for weatherproof furniture with maximum coziness to suit the overall oasis theme.

5. Light up the Space for Evening Oasis Time

You will get more use out of your outdoor oasis if you have an electrician look at your space and get advice on what lighting options will work best for you. There are underwater lights available for water features, recessed lights for pathways and overhead beams, string lights, and so much more. Edison bulbs as overhead lights are very trendy right now, and Mason jars make beautiful lights either on string wire or tabletop lamps. 

6. Build a Deck

Not all decks are created equal. Have a look at your space to determine if adding a deck is the right choice for you. A large wrap-around veranda that snugs up close to the house might be ideal. This is another place where proper leaf guards for gutters prove their worth as they protect your deck area. Maybe your space calls for a small corner to be turned into a deck. Get some expert advice and use your imagination to envision the best deck option for your oasis.

7. Add Rugs, Pillows, and Other Textiles

 Textiles add instant warmth and coziness to any outdoor space. Throw cushions, blankets over the arm of a rocking chair, tapestry on a stone wall all add dimension and interest. A rug really helps to define the space and can add the color you’ve been craving.

8. Consider Creating a Tiki bar

A tropical-looking tiki bar isn’t for everyone, but there is no denying that it transforms the look of your space and adds to the oasis atmosphere. 

9. Have an Outdoor Cooking Space

Whether you have a BBQ pit, an open fire for roasting marshmallows, or a full-on kitchen in your oasis is totally up to you. But a place to cook and an outdoor refrigerator bring an element of luxury that can’t be beaten.

10. Make Room for Play

There don’t need to be children in the yard to make a play area an attractive oasis feature. You can even define two play spaces so that adults and children have their own game and sports areas. Gigantic chess pieces look incredible on a large lawn, and tabletops can be painted into game boards. A small chest or cupboard can house lawn bowling or croquet sets. Whatever your game of choice, making play a priority adds to the whimsy and charm of your backyard oasis.


The more time and effort you spend on creating your personal oasis, the more relaxation benefits you will feel. As with many things, balance is key. At some point, the planning, designing, repairs, and upgrades must be called complete so that you, your family, and friends can fully immerse yourself in the soothing, rejuvenating, creative experience that your oasis should be. 


About The Author: Joseph is the outreach coordinator for Gutter Supply, a gutter and accessory supplier for consumers and contractors.
Photo by Kazuo ota on Unsplash