June 22, 2024

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The Great DIY Doctor Amazon Tape Debacle

Around the past months we have been acquiring phone calls with regards to “our Diy Doctor” carpet tape and the point that numerous consumers have observed that it has still left a sticky residue on carpets when eradicated that is particularly tough to get off and in some conditions cannot be eradicated ultimately ruining the carpet in query!

DIY Doctor tape
Carpet tape getting sold on Amazon by a business using our Diy Medical professional title

Carpet tape staying bought on Amazon by a enterprise employing our Do-it-yourself Health practitioner name

We have to have to validate that this tape is completely nothing at all to do with us and is in reality a Chinese business investing off of the back again of our name and selling through Amazon.

We have, as I’m positive you’d assume, been in touch with both equally the organization in query and also Amazon passing on the opinions that we have acquired from people of you that have contacted us and also to inquire that they quit selling under our identify but sadly it appears to day no action has occurred, hence the explanation for this weblog so that we can set the history straight.

If you have certainly procured some of this tape and it has in fact harmed you carpet, rug, floor or very similar be sure to make contact with Amazon and go on your complaint directly to them working with the following aspects:

We will proceed to get hold of Amazon to test and get a thing done about the point they are utilizing our identify and to cease this to prevent any further confusion and also to see if they can increase recognition with the firm concerned that their item is not up to common as is in simple fact triggering substantial damage to carpets and identical coverings.

So, just to validate, none of the “DIY Doctor” branded tape (black, white, blue, purple etc.) that is remaining bought on Amazon is in simple fact just about anything to do with us, the rewal Diy Medical professional as a company.