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Show Your Love for Independent Designers With These Unexpected and Unique Gifts

Show Your Love for Independent Designers With These Unexpected and Unique Gifts

While I’ll never forsake my Kallax bookcases or my Lane Chair-and-a-half, I rely on independent designers for the fun stuff. From accent furniture to lamps, and decor elements, the designers I favor create objects that strike a balance between craftsmanship, whimsy, and design. Brightly patterned, cheeky tablecloths, rugs, vases, and lamps, can make even the most neutrally-decorated room pop and allow you to play with color, texture and materials without the commitment (financial and otherwise) of a piece of upholstered furniture.

This holiday season, bring some of that joy to your loved ones with these gifts from some of the most creative independent designers around. 

Emma J. Shipley

Lynx Linen Tablecloth by Emma J Shipley

Transform your table for every occasion with our fantastical Lynx Linen Tablecloth.

Athena Vase by DOIY

Ceramic vase shaped as an ionic column.

Spiked Gauntlet Vase by Pansy Ass Ceramics

Original vase produced in Pansy Ass Ceramic’s Toronto studio. Their work is hand-made, and pieces may vary from the pics.

Bamboo Room Divider from Lichen

Dimensions: 6′ tall x 8′ long when extended.

Zosia Contemporary Brass Table Lamp by Schwung

ConceptSchwung is a lighting concept, connecting aesthetic and quality through matter. Their pieces play with architecture or create spaces of their own.

Oo Floor Lamp by Eny

As part of the First Hand Collection, the Oo Lamps debuted at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in 2018, where Best New Emerging Designer was awarded to Eny Lee Parker.  This ceramic base is hand-built, with copper detailing including a dimmer dial on the bottom side.

Ceramicist and designer Eny Lee Parker believes in the beauty of mess. Her biophilic creations reflect the philosophy behind it, with their imperfections mimicking the growth pattern of corals and shrubs. Her oO floor lamp is reminiscent of a coral formation that withstood millennia worth of erosion. 

Kelly Behun High Rise Server by L’OBJET

Designed with brilliant designer Kelly Behun, a collection of innovative entertaining objects within the L’OBJET world of fine craftsmanship and luxurious materials.

Catbird Kitten Candle

Their signature scent: Kitten, with visions of dusty records, lipstick, and feather pillows and notes of musk, amber & hand-picked violets.

Pink & Green Wreath Rug by Rashelle Campbell

Hand-tufted graphic rug in pink and green by Rashelle Campbell, exclusive to SSENSE.  Dimensions: 18″ Length x 24″ Width…

Slowdown Studio Barbosa Throw

The Barbosa Throw, designed by Nantes-based artist Thomas Gaudinet, offers us a perfect summer meal set-up.

Hawkins New York Essential Dinnerware 16 Piece Set

Set of 16 stone serving dishes: 4 Large Bowls, 4 Low Bowls, 4 Salad Plates, 4 Dinner Plates available in mustard, bone, blush, olive, sky, and light grey. Part of HNY’s Essential Collection.

Silk Velvet Gown by Toast

Toast’s gown is crafted from soft velvet, with lustrous silk fibers reflecting the light. Cut to an easy shape, defined by the waist tie, then lined for a clean drape.   Silk-blend velvet. Three-quarter-length sleeves. Side patch pockets. Waist tie. Lined. Internal hanging loop.

Selenite Step Tower Lamp by Aviva Stanoff

According to the designer, selenite is said to support clarity, shield against negative energy, attract protective energy, and offer higher guidance. It is a calming stone that instills feelings of deep peace and is excellent for meditation.

Estelle Colored Wine Stemless Set of 6 (Mixed Set)

Set of 6 hand-blown colored stemless pieces made by glass artisans in Poland. They include: 1 royal blue, 1 fuchsia, 1 cobalt blue, 1 coral peach pink, 1 rose, and 1 forest green.

Lex Pott NOEUD Soap

The NOEUD soaps are designed to be sculptural and ergonomic. They are all handmade by Lex Pott in the Netherlands with the best possible natural ingredients.  The idea for the soap came from extrusion. Lex Pott developed this technique to make sculptural and ergonomic soaps.

Dutch Artist Lex Pott achieved viral fame with his 2020 Twist Candle, where two taper candles were joined in a snake-like formation. His Noeud Soap retains his signature sculptural shape and has a pleasant sandalwood scent.

Looking for something else? All our gift guides are right this way. 

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