July 15, 2024

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Schumacher Fabric Launch: A Rum Fellow’s Guatemalan Textiles

Schumacher Fabric Launch: A Rum Fellow’s Guatemalan Textiles

Here at L.A. Design Concepts, we’re celebrating a brand-new fabric launch that’s sure to garner global applause. The Schumacher fabric house has teamed up with A Rum Fellow to deliver a collection of extraordinary, handcrafted Guatemalan textiles.

Let’s take a look at this timeless yet modern fabric collection.

Brocade Textile Design by A Rum Fellow

A kaleidoscope of dazzling color, the textile design by A Rum Fellow is arresting and bold yet innately elegant and whimsical. The artistic detail is undeniably captivating. And that’s largely due to the fact every single one is made entirely hand-woven. With a palette rooted in a delightful mixture of earth and jewel tones, each brocade features embroidery and an intricately woven geometric pattern.

It’s this next-level design and artistry that gives birth to fine fabrics that equally stand the test of time and add enchanting character to any room.

Due to the handmade nature of these woven fabrics, they’re sold in panels versus by the traditional yard. Through L.A. Design Concepts, you can now easily shop A Rum Fellow’s designer fabric online.

These designs will effortlessly find their place in any space, no matter your home’s aesthetic. Some ways to incorporate this ornate, designer upholstery fabric into your home include:

  • The backing of an armchair(s) or dining chairs
  • Seat cushions
  • Framed wall art
  • An unframed textile panel hung as wall decor
  • Throw pillows
  • Pillow shams
a rum fellow schumacher fabric on a throw pillow with a yellow and wood chair
A Rum Fellow’s “Izapa” Brocade Applied to a Throw Pillow (Image Courtesy of A Rum Fellow)

About A Rum Fellow & the Guatemalan Artisans

This modern fabric is designed in London by the husband-and-wife duo behind A Rum Fellow: Dylan O’Shea and Caroline Lindsell. When their sketches are complete, the fabric designers travel to Guatemala to work with Mayan artisans, who make each textile panel by hand and by using backstrap looms. These artists’ skill and craftsmanship are rooted in generational expertise that’s woven into the very fabric of Guatemalan culture. And that’s exactly why Dylan and Caroline fell in love with this region and its native weavers.

“There’s this wonderful well of weaving talent,” Dylan recently told Schumacher’s The Edit of the Maya women he met in the Guatemalan highlands. “They live and breathe fabrics there – the textiles literally represent their indigenous identities.”

The Maya Women Artists Who Hand-Weave A Rum Fellow's Textiles Standing Outside in Guatemala
The Maya Women Who Hand-Weave A Rum Fellow’s Textiles (Image Courtesy of A Rum Fellow)

A Socially Cognizant Mission

Part of the decision to partner with Guatemalan fabric makers is to showcase their skill and bring it to a larger audience – one who will appreciate its artistry and relish its beauty. “Our goal has always been to create handmade materials that have integrity,” Dylan told The Edit. “We simply work with incredibly talented people who need a bridge to market.”

Thankfully, A Rum Fellow and Schumacher created that beautiful bridge.

Hand and a loom weaving a blue and white textile panel
The Intricate Weaving of A Rum Fellow’s Fabrics (Image Courtesy of A Rum Fellow)

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