July 15, 2024

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Let the Fresh Air In

Let the Fresh Air In

When there’s nothing more to talk about, you can always speak volumes about our changing weather here in Northwest Florida. With hurricanes, floods, an ice storm, snow, and a brutal cold spell, we have seen our share of weather extremes over the years. Today, as I write, we have a temperature of 75 degrees with a forecast of spotty days of spring rain. The warmer weather is welcomed by all and it is time to inspect our windows with the first opening of the season to let the fresh air in.

Tips for inspecting your windows:

Check for leaks. Close window and door openings, dampers, and vents. Turn on all exhaust fans. Hold a burning incense stick to visualize where air is rushing in from the outdoors.
Secure frames. Move the sash of the window. If any movement is detected, frame may need extra nails to secure.
See the outdoors. If you can see through any openings around the frame, caulking and weather stripping can be added around the frames.
Cracks in glass. Visually inspect your glass for any cracks. Glass can be replaced by a glass repair company.
Check the locks. Regular maintenance can prevent future movement issues.

Majors Home Improvement specializes in full window replacement.Our experienced consultants will inspect your windows, make recommendations, and show you a variety of window options to beautify your home and provide energy savings for years to come.

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