July 16, 2024

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Fisher & Paykel’s Showpiece Kitchen Anchors a Tranquil Auckland Home

Fisher & Paykel’s Showpiece Kitchen Anchors a Tranquil Auckland Home

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s an axiom that holds true around the world and across cultures; the kitchen is where we come together to eat, share and live daily life. For Fisher & Paykel, this reality is a guiding principle — and the inspiration for a human-centred design ethos that celebrates culinary rituals and transforms chores into experiences. Case in point? A stunning New Zealand home where the kitchen takes centre stage.

Situated on a tranquil, hilly site in the Auckland suburb of Grey Lynn, the modest, 85-square-metre abode is a retreat from the outside world. The two-bedroom house is organized around an open kitchen that extends out onto a cozy living space, with the whole of the room framed by a stunning panoramic vista.

An elegantly simple material palette of natural wood finishes and stone surfaces defines the space, with the interplay of organic hues making for a soothing ambiance. Fisher & Paykel’s luxury appliances are both a seamless addition and a subtle focal point. While the slim yet spacious — and spatially efficient — fridge is impeccably integrated into the millwork, the stove and cooktop quietly claim pride of place at the heart of the kitchen.

The slender induction cooktop is an aesthetically pure, understated presence that complements the more tactile countertop, while boasting exceptional precision performance. Meanwhile, the sleek surface of Fisher & Paykel’s performance oven combines clean lines and subtle tonal contrasts, making for an eye-catching yet tactfully understated centrepiece.

While the exceptionally well-considered aesthetics set the appliances apart, beauty never comes at the expense of functionality. For Fisher & Paykel, the experiential quality of cooking — from turning on the oven to opening the fridge — is central to the brand’s philosophy. In the design of every appliance, even the smallest, everyday tasks are treated with care and precision.

Combining function, style and durability, Fisher & Paykel’s appliances are also engineered using the highest quality materials and finishes. For the New Zealand-based brand, it’s part of a sustainable ethos. Designed to reduce energy and water use without compromising performance, every Fisher & Paykel appliance is built to last, ensuring reduced waste through exceptional quality.

From a tranquil hillside house in suburban Auckland to a downtown Toronto penthouse, Fisher & Paykel’s appliances are a fitting focal point for the heart of the home.

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