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Find a Curved Couch for Your Family

Find a Curved Couch for Your Family

With these 25 curved sectional sofas you’ll have the space to entertain, relax with the family and utilize every bit of your living room. You do need a bit of space to fit a couch this size in your living room, but they’re all so gorgeous you’ll have a hard time picking. 

curved sectional sofa 900x588 25 Curved Sectional Sofas: Find a Curved Couch for Your Family

Check out our favorite finds and see if one strikes your fancy. From modern to traditional, there’s something for every kind of home.

Coolest 25 Curved Sectional Sofas to Get

If you’re unsure where to even start looking for the coolest curved sectional sofas to get in your home, we have a great starting point for you. We love the round lines just as much as you, so let’s dive in. 

1. Curved Sectional Sofa in Gray

Curved Sectional Sofa in Gray 25 Curved Sectional Sofas: Find a Curved Couch for Your Family

We’re kicking off our list with this beautiful curved sectional sofa we found on Wayfair. It’s super modern and such a lovely piece! Even better, you can fix these segments however you see fit. We also not so secretly absolutely love that table. 

2. Classic Curved Sectional

Classic Curved Sectional

The next entry comes with a more classic cut, and we love the straight lines featured in this design. In fact, those straight lines show off the beautiful curvature of the couch even better. We found this one on Wayfair and fell in love with it. 

3. Curved Sectional Couch

Curved Sectional Couch

The folks at Crate & Barrel were hiding this beauty on their website too. It’s pretty large and even features a loveseat and looks absolutely comfortable. In fact, we really want to sink in those pillows. 

4. Modern Curved Sectional

Modern Curved Sectional

Over on Houzz, we found this absolute gem of a couch with such a great design. Not only is it curved, but it also has a curved back, and some really fun pillows. 

5. Classic Curved Sectional Sofa

Classic Curved Sectional Sofa

Another beautiful classic curved sectional sofa is this blue gem from Wayfair. It belongs in an elegant room that is particularly spacious and in the home of someone who does not fear a bold color. 

6. Curved Sectional Sofa in Back and White

Curved Sectional Sofa in Back and White

First on our list includes a super modern piece full of fashion-forward energy and futuristic appeal. Perfect for large bachelor pads or open spaces with a innovative touch, it’s quite the beauty and perfect for entertaining.

7. Curved Sectional in Blue

Curved Sectional in Blue

Scandis has a beautiful powder blue curved sectional that we’re swooning for. Whether you want to mix up a modern space or recreate a midcentury bled, this couch can become a beautiful focal point for any kind of vision.

8. Classic Curved Sofa

Classic Curved Sofa

Then we found this gem from West Elm. It can fit in smaller nooks and provides a beautiful, clean palette to work with. This blue is easily paired with richer or pastel shades. And the design fits into midcentury modern styles or even something a bit more upscale.

9. Powder Pink Curved Couch

Powder Pink Curved Couch

Home Decorators gave us this beautiful skin-toned design as well. Slightly curved and can be used as two loveseats or one sofa, it’s a great choice for more formal sitting rooms. Also, accenting it with a bit of rose gold or yellow gold is quite the nice decision.

10. Curved Sectional Sofa

Curved Sectional Sofa

Check out this chic, neutral design. It’s perfect for larger, more open spaces and again, it’s a versatile piece that can be used inside a variety of homes. From family-friendly to more posh, it can blend right in with the proper accents.

11. Super Comfy Curved Couch

Super Comfy Curved Couch

Kelleynan showcased this great living room setup that families everywhere could and would enjoy. There’s ample amounts of seating and the light neutrals create even more of an illusion of space while playing well with the natural lighting.

12. Curved Sectional Sofa in White  

Curved Sectional Sofa in White  

Beautifully feminine with curves in all the right spots, this couch will add a lot of pretty to any room of the house. Whether it’s a formal living room or an open home office, it’ll fill the corners nicely.

13. Studded Curved Couch

Studded Curved Couch

Apartment Therapy is where we found this sharper, studded design. It’s got an easy, contemporary vibe but also fits nicely in more traditionally-oriented home. But it’s not boring, which is the perfect choice for family homes with personality.

14. Minimalist Curved Sectional 

Minimalist Curved Sectional 

My Domaine has a lot of beautiful inspiration too. And that includes this clean, cream curved sectional sofa that can fill a room with ease and compliments deep hardwood floors quite nicely as well.

15. Pink and Gold Curved Sectional Sofa

Pink and Gold Curved Sectional Sofa

But, My Domaine had this one up their sleeve as well. Gold on the bottom and a seamless taupe on top, it’s versatile within color palettes and boldly feminine within style. Top off your formal living room or posh home office with this one.

16. Curved Sofa in Gray

Curved Sofa in Gray

Who loves charcoal? Horchow is where we found this soft charcoal design filled with modern spirit. We see it paired here nicely with metallic neutrals but know that it can be complimented easily by soft pastels or jewel tones.

17. Retro Curved Sectional Sofa

Retro Curved Sectional Sofa

And then there’s this outstanding green piece, made for a home that loves a bit of bold flavor. Again, it provides a lot of seating opportunities for large families or those that love to entertain and have a lot of space to fill.

18. Classic Beige Curved Sofa

Classic Beige Curved Sofa

Here’s another cream design to grab some inspiration from. It’s legs and deep hardwood accents create a more modern style but overall it works well inside more traditionally decorated home.

19. Round Sofa for Your Patio

Round Sofa for Your Patio

Crate and Barrel provided us with something a bit more outside-the-box of sectional sofas. These piece is for outside! Those with large backyards or entertaining spaces outdoors should take a second look at this innovative design.

20. Royal Blue Round Sofa

Royal Blue Round Sofa

There’s definitely a soft spot in place for blue velvet in the interior design world. And thanks to Impressive Interior Design we have this royal sofa to swoon over. With a Victorian, antique edge it’s a great piece to provide seating and table talk.

21. Curved Sectional Sofa in Gray

Curved Sectional Sofa in Gray

Home Stratosphere had a blue beauty up their sleeve as well. A bit of a gray-blue blend, it’s a great piece to work around and build off of. It also fits this elongated room perfectly while not stunting any seating opportunities.

22. Super Modern Curved Sectional Sofa 

Super Modern Curved Sectional Sofa 

If you like some retro flavor, then this rounded, curved sectional is right up your alley. Dipped in a fun shade of teal, it will definintely create a focus and provide a foundation to your living room design. (Pinterest)

23. Round Sectional Sofa

Round Sectional Sofa

And now we have another green piece that those with a bolder taste will love. Add a pop of color and provide cozy spots to enjoy the room with this design. Compliment and contrast with a palette of neutrals and make this the best decision of the house.

24. Curved Couch in Beige

Curved Couch in Beige

This curved sectional sofa is a bit smaller but just as versatile. Separate them to create two loveseat options or a cozier seating arrangement in a smaller living rom or home office – the possibilities are endless!

25. Rich Blue Curved Couch

Rich Blue Curved Couch

Spaces + Places leaves us off with a curved, teal velvet sofa that will really create a moment among your contemporary décor. The mirrored legs and that beautiful, rich texture, it’s a winner inside any home.

Final Thoughts on Curved Sectional Sofas

Having a curved sectional sofa in your home will certainly improve the style and design of the room. We know these are a bit pricey, but large sectionals usually are. We hope you liked the ones we listed or that, at least, we made your life easier with the research we offered.