May 23, 2024

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A Small Basement Pet Room

Today I am sharing a recent project we have finished a small basement Pet Room for our fur babies.

As many of you already know we have several Pet Rooms for our fur babies through out our home. One of which is upstairs located directly off of our Owners Suite as seen here, in Creating A Hidden Pet Room. However as we have been finishing our basement we decided that we needed to add a small basement Pet Room too.

*Please note that I was compensated for this post. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. These involve no extra cost to you. You can view my full advertising disclosure here.Reno Basement Pet Room JENRON DESIGNS.This space is located next to our fitness room, and directly off of our family game room area, which will house a small kitchen and bar space. While this area is still under construction it is coming together and we realized that area would probably need a space for our pets since the only other room is on the third floor.Faux Brick Pet Room JENRON DESIGNS.Since I always design spaces to be utilized for other uses upon resale of our homes, this could easily become a small storage closet or pantry space for the kitchenette area which is adjacent to this space, and was designed accordingly by adding faux brick panels and sealing the concrete with white paint. The Poop Shoot Basement Pet Room JENRON DESIGNS.As you may have noticed this space also houses the clean out for one of our homes two main plumbing lines. For this reason the space must be kept open and accessible, as with all cut off valves and clean outs you might have in your basements. So hiding it in plain sight by painting the pipe black was the obvious choice for me, and lovingly calling it the “Poop Shoot” as the placement of the kitty litter box will be put there, lol!  Exhaust Fan Pet Room JENRON DESIGNS.That being said we also installed an exhaust fan which is the secret to why my house never smells like a litter box. This is the same thing we did in our other Pet Room to remove all the litter box smells from our home, which is the number one complaint about feline ownership. I started doing this in our previous home which was much smaller, we had a pet room in a Harry Potter style closet under a staircase and I vented and exhaust fan out to roof from there upon building, which my builder thought was weird but it worked great. LIghting Pet Room JENRON DESIGNS.I also added in a light source which is a door mounted linear L.E.D. light above the door. This is the same type of light I have in my pantry so I know it would be great for a future pantry or closet, and will be perfect for the Pet Room. We also painted the entire room white to add additional light reflection, so the brick and concrete are both now sealed, lite, and bright.

Painting Basement Pet Room JENRON DESIGNS. You will also notice that I sealed the concrete flooring as well. I used a gray color since I just happened to have a lot of it left over, plus I thought it was going to be the finished surface but then I got a wonderful gift from Urban Decor Vinyl Farmhouse Panels. While these were designed for walls I decided to to give them a try on the floor in this non high traffic space, and they look great. Flooring Basement Pet Room JENRON DESIGNS.Once we got the panels installed we added the baseboard molding, and cut in the pet door so my fur babies will have anytime access to their space. Now they will have a little spot for their food, water, and litter box on this basement level, which means they have access to food and water on all tree levels and a litter box on the top and bottom floors so no accidents for my older guys.A Small Basement Pet Room JENRON DESIGNS

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