July 15, 2024

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9 House Renovation Do’s and Don’ts

9 House Renovation Do’s and Don’ts

Renovating a house is not an easy project to take on, and it’s definitely not something that’s finished in a day or two. Renovations can last for several weeks, depending on how much you want to change. This is why, before starting, you should have several things in mind. Here are our dos and don’ts before you start your remodeling journey:


Do clean up

If you’re starting a renovation project, the first thing you should do is sort through your items and decide which ones you’re going to keep, donate, or throw away. Having a clean space will make it easier to imagine and get creative with your space.


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Do prepare and have a storage

When you’re changing things around in one room, all the items that were there before will have to temporarily find a new home. Plan out your storage plan earlier. We recommend buying plastic baskets that you can label. This way, you won’t lose track of any important things you have.

Do the priority tasks first

Since renovation isn’t a quick job and surely isn’t inexpensive, we recommend making a list of priorities. You want to take on the more complex tasks first; for example, anything related to electricity or plumbing is better done sooner rather than later. This way, you ensure you have enough funds to finish those tasks if you exceed your budget.

DIY the work you can

The best way to cut costs is to do some simpler things yourself. For example, changing out hardware or painting your trim is something most people can handle themselves. You can do some of the job yourself and hire professionals to help with more complex parts. For example, this company for interior painting in Calgary offers services like ceiling or cabinet painting, which is helpful if you’re not skilled enough to do those alone.


9 House Renovation Do’s and Don’ts


Do know when to hire experts

Sometimes a simple job may become a much bigger project if you’re not careful with your planning. Coordinating multiple services can be a hassle for most people, so hire a professional who will do the job for you. If you’re doing a complete makeover, hire an interior designer and your contractor, who will work together to ensure you get a perfect mix of functionality and aesthetics.

Don’t underestimate the price

Materials have become very expensive in the past couple of years, so don’t be surprised if your estimate ends up being slightly higher than what you expected. Budget out smartly and try to stick to the plan. Still, have some extra room in case an emergency arises or anything unplanned needs to get fixed.

Don’t forget to think about the bigger picture

When designing the look of your new home, don’t only think about the individual rooms. You want your home to flow so that it appears lived in and put together. Think about how you want your space to function, and work toward that goal.


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Don’t expect everything to be finished quickly

Most projects will take more time than you anticipate. Maybe it’s because you changed your mind somewhere along the way, or a problem you didn’t expect suddenly came up and needs your attention. Either way, stay patient and know that the end result will be well worth the wait.

Don’t hesitate to hire a contractor

Finding the right contractor can take time. Before you decide on one, ask around for recommendations and set up meetings. A true professional will answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have. Hiring a good contractor can save you the time and energy it takes to coordinate everything alone.