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4 Timeless Color Schemes That You Can Use For Your Bathroom Interior

4 Timeless Color Schemes That You Can Use For Your Bathroom Interior

The bathroom is certainly one of the most
intimate spaces in your whole home. This is where you actually begin your day
and even end your day. After getting up from the bed you need some real quality
time to freshen up and get ready for the day that is waiting. Before going to
bed, your bathroom is the place where you get rid of the tiredness of the whole

So, when you are designing your bathroom interior,
you surely need to think of these two very crucial moments of your day. Your
surroundings all-ay long can have a serious impact on your mood. So, when you
are getting ready and freshening up in your bathroom, its overall appeal will
influence your mood too. And in this case, the color scheme that you are
choosing for the space is important. Now, for choosing the right color, you
need to think of style as well as its maintaining aspect. So, in the following
points, we will be discussing a few color schemes that will be perfect color
ideas for your bathroom design. Take a look.

Black and White:

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There is no other contrast and combination
that can be so appealing and elegant like black &white for bathroom designs.
When you are talking about the most timeless and sophisticated bathroom
interior colors, choose the black and white contrast. For floors, you can go
black when your walls are painted in stark white. The fixtures of the bathroom
can be white. However, for faucet and showerheads, you can choose matte-finished
black for a more modern and elegant appeal.

Blue and White:

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This is another contrast you can easily
choose for your bathroom. Blue and white both are really elegant hues when it
comes to bathroom interior décor. Blue is a rich color that has numerous
shades. Now, when you are designing your bathroom décor, you can use more than
one shade of blue and give an accent with white. For example, you can go for
light sky blue for the walls and rich ocean blue for the tiles. And for the
fixtures and bath fittings, going white can be a good option. In fact, if you
have space constraints in your bathroom, then this contrast will significantly
add up to the illusion of more space and will make the bathroom look bigger. So,
when you are looking for small bathroom décor ideas, this one can be noted.

Grey and White:

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For designing a bathroom that will reflect luxury
and a certain touch of masculinity, grey and white can be the perfect color
scheme. Grey and its many shades, ranging from lighter and softer on to the
darker and more sinister, can envelope your bathroom in a feeling of elegance
and aristocracy. It will also look extremely luxurious. Painting the walls of
the bathroom darker grey with a lighter version of it for flooring can make
your bathroom look spectacular. For the bath fittings, choose white as it will
break the monotony while bringing in the much-needed contrast to the overall
darker appeal of the space.

Green and White:

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This idea can be a killer bathroom design for
a small-sized bathroom. Green is a very happy hue that immediately exudes a
very cheerful vibe. On the other hand, white can add amazing warmth and
brightness in any space. Now, when you are choosing both, undoubtedly your
bathroom will make you feel more energetic. Choose green for the wall, window
coverings and curtains for shower stall. Let the rest look gorgeous in white.

So, now as you are familiar with how to design bathroom
with the right shades and colors, what are you waiting for? Choose the colors
that make you feel great and paint your bathroom in the most beautiful and
timeless way.

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