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What to Look Out For On Aluminium Windows By Doorwins

What to Look Out For On Aluminium Windows By Doorwins


No matter how wonderful Windows in aluminium are, there are, of course, drawbacks to the traditional upvc  double glazed windows, but these are not usually so dramatic. This is due to the fact that they tend to be a bit heavier than their alternative (plastic), which is why they are usually installed on the outer side of the home. This way they can be fitted by a qualified installer and the installation can be done by a specialist. Doorwins have there own specialist fitting teams on the go in and around Greater London.


As long as the windows are installed properly, there is no need for a lot of effort when it comes to ensuring energy efficiency in the home. This also ensures that the energy rating of the house remains consistent as a result of a balanced design of thermal resistance, insulation and thermal efficiency properties. Doorwins always make sure there is a site visit prior and after an installation team has come out to a home or business to fit any doorwins aluminium windows or doors.

Energy Saving:

The downside to aluminium windows is that they do not offer as much energy efficiency as double glazed windows do. For this reason it is recommended that youkeep this in mind if you choose to replace your existing windows. Double glazed windows are much more energy efficient than their aluminium counterparts. This is because they are not only insulated but also have a better thermal conductivity compared to their aluminium cousins. However, there is a trade off on security, alimunium windows by doorwins are way more secure than upvc double glazing and as the home owner its up to you what you require, lower bills or a safer invironment?

Doorwins aluminium windows come with a 25 year warranty on security detail

Thermal performance:

The thermal performance of the two types of windows are not significantly different however. This is because the thermal performance of both types is dependent on the amount of air and vapour that is able to pass through the window and not on the weight of the window frame.

Doorwins always delivers the right aluminium windows to greater London

Doorwins Aluminium windows are available in a variety of designs, finishes, sizes and shapes, which means you are sure to find something that works perfectly in your home. Whether you choose the standard or double pane type, you are guaranteed to be able to find the perfect option for your needs. Doorwins always helps make the process as swift and comfortable for the customer as possible and keeps in mind all trade offs (pro’s and con’s)

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