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Recycled Building Materials: Cabinetry Handles

Recycled Building Materials: Cabinetry Handles

Construction with recycled materials is an excellent way to ensure a new build or home renovation has a low impact on the environment. We are seeing many new and exciting options becoming available, from engineered stone benchtops that are made using recycled building materials to today’s interesting product spotlight: Recycled plastic cabinetry handles from Resourceful Living.

Resourceful Living creates an extensive collection of exciting recycled products for the home, from furniture to home décor and more. The collection has recently expanded to include a range of cabinetry handles that can be used throughout you interior spaces to decrease your design’s eco footprint, placing a strong emphasis on sustainability and recycled building materials.

These recycled plastic cabinetry handles are actually made using HDPE or LDPE plastics which have been sourced from domestic yellow bins as well as recovered from our oceans. An intriguing draw card of these sustainable handles is that the colours can vary depending on what type of products have been used in their creation and the end user is informed of what products their unique batch of handles have actually been made from.

Recycled Building Materials_Matte Black Handles for Cabinets
Recycled building materials provide a sustainable solution for your next build or home renovation. Resourceful Living’s recycled plastic handles are available in a range of easily accessible sizes (they are handmade in 90mm and 120mm lengths) and can be used in the home for a comfortable and lightweight solution.

Resourceful Living creates these cabinetry handles by adding plastic to an injection moulding machine, with each individual handle being handmade for a unique and individual touch.

The product’s life cycle has also been taken into consideration in the design process, further emphasising the sustainable qualities of these unique handles. When your recycled plastic cabinetry handles have reached the end of their use in the home, they can be sent back to Resourceful Living to be recycled once again. In fact, these unique handles can be recycled 8-10 times before finally being sent off to a refinery and made back into oil.

Recycled Building Materials_Resourceful Living Handle Types
These recycled plastic handles save the equivalent of a 700ml plastic bottle of shampoo from entering our landfills, providing a sustainable alternative for the home. The handles are available in a range of trending styles to suit the modern home.

We were recently sent a few samples of these exciting handles to review and were thoroughly impressed! The recycled plastic cabinetry handles are incredibly lightweight with a smooth finish, making them ideal for use in a kitchen renovation, laundry room, or in the bathroom as a vanity cabinetry pull. The handles are available in an assortment of sizes and shapes, reflecting the current interior design trends that include matte finishes and simple, non-obtrusive cabinetry handles in the home.

Resourceful Living’s online shop includes a range of unique pieces that are all made using recycled materials. Visit their website for more information and learn more about their exciting range!

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