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Best Siding Nailer: How to Choose the Right One in 2023

Best Siding Nailer: How to Choose the Right One in 2023

Whether you are a professional or a homeowner, you will need to buy a siding nailer at some point. The job of installing siding is not easy and requires some serious equipment to complete. It is highly recommended that you get the best tool for the job rather than buying a cheap product that will only break after one use. If you want the best bang for your buck, then read on!

What to Consider When Buying a Siding Nailer

When you’re looking for the best siding nailer, there are a few things to consider.


Are you buying a siding nailer for home repair or professional purposes? Keep in mind what type of job are you looking to do with your siding nailer. A professional-grade tool may be overkill if all you need is something that can handle some basic upkeep around the house. Also, consider what type of siding it will be used on. Different materials require different types of nails and accessories, so this will be an important consideration in finding the right product for your needs.

Depth Adjustment Feature

The depth adjustment feature enables you to tailor the firing depth to your needs. This is significant because the amounts of resistance offered by various materials might vary significantly. Because wood siding has a lesser resistance than concrete siding planks, the firing depth will need to be adjusted accordingly when using wood siding. The benefit of this approach is that it eliminates the possibility of under-shooting or over-shooting, either of which would result in a hole that would need to be repaired with a patch or a hammer, respectively.


The perfect siding nailer would be compact and well-balanced. When used for a lengthy period of time, a huge nailer can cause considerable exhaustion. A device that is either poorly balanced or too huge makes it difficult to utilize. Furthermore, smaller nailers are simpler to transport and store than their larger counterparts.

Capacity of Nails

Your job would profit tremendously by having access to a vast nail capacity. The longer you can work without needing to stop and refill your supplies if the capacity is higher. As a result, this leads to an improvement in production. You should look for a nailer that can hold 300+ nails.

Firing Modes and Speed

Try to find nailers that have more than one firing mode. Even while a regular sequential nailer performs very well, the ability to use bump fire may dramatically save the amount of time it takes to complete a job. The addition of a lock option provides an extra layer of protection since this setting prohibits the weapon from being fired accidentally on its own.

When it comes to most tasks, efficiency is very necessary. It is unfortunate when output is hampered by a nailer that has a sluggish chambering speed. Keep a close eye out for siding nailers that have a consistent rate of fire. For the most part, speeds of three nails per second are a safe choice to maintain the forward momentum of your project.

Types of Siding Nailer

The first thing to consider when shopping for a siding nailer is the type of nailer you want. Pneumatic nailers use compressed air to drive the fastener into wood, and electric models use electricity to do so. Both types are available in framing, roofing, and siding varieties—and there are also combination models that can be used for both purposes.

The next step is identifying whether it’s necessary or even preferable to purchase an air compressor along with your new tool. If you don’t already have an air compressor at home (or if you’re planning on using your existing one), then this extra cost may deter you from buying a pneumatic model. On the other hand, if you think it’ll be worth having two tools instead of just one—and if having an extra hand-held power tool isn’t out of reach financially—then purchasing a pneumatic siding nailer could be worth considering.

Best Siding Nailer

Best siding nailer overall: BOSTITCH Coil Siding Nailer

Bostitch offers a wide range of durable and heavy-duty power tools. We have presented in this article a great siding nailer that they make for construction purposes.


  • Reliable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sturdy design
  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Rubber foot

  • The price is a bit high
  • Gun jams occasionally


  • support for nails with a length of 1 ½  to 2 ½ inches70 PSI to 120 PSI operational air pressure
  • warranty of 7 years
  • magazine with a capacity of 300 nails
  • Aluminum design that is lightweight
  • Build quality that is strong and sturdy
  • Adjustable exhaust without tools
  • It is possible to adjust the depth guide

In this article, the Bostitch N66C siding nailer is ranked first due to its great reliability and high performance. Bostitch power tools come with a 7-year warranty if you’re familiar with them. It’s also the case with this sturdy, well-built siding nailer from Bostitch so that you can rely on it for a long time. Despite its sturdy construction, it is lightweight and portable. Aluminum construction offers a balance between strength and weight that makes it possible.

You get very similar numbers to the other options out there when it comes to performance. In terms of length, this includes support for nails ranging from 1 14% to 21%. Air compressors can be used to use these nails for siding. In order to use it properly, you must set the air pressure between 70 PSI and 120 PSI. With this siding nailer, you can hold up to 300 nails at once, which is quite good for most users.

bostitch coil siding nailer

Best value for the money: Freeman Pneumatic Siding Nailer

Another popular brand of power tools is Freeman, which offers much more affordable products than other well-known brands. Among Freeman’s construction tools, you’ll find a great siding nailer.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Nail capacity is high
  • Reliability and durability

  • Build quality on average
  • The design is a bit large


  • support for nails up to 2 12 inches long
  • operational air pressure is 70 PSI to 120 PSI
  • warranty of seven years
  • magazine with a capacity of 400 nails
  • The handle is ergonomic and grippy for ease of use
  • Suitable for a variety of applications
  • Good value for money

Freeman’s PCN65 pneumatic siding nailer is ranked 2nd in this article due to its high reliability. Unlike other options available with a 7-year warranty, this one is much cheaper and provides better value for money. It is also quite decently built for its price point. You can use it along with 1/14 inch to 2/12 inch nails while working on house construction. With its adjustable and angled head, these nails can even be installed at an angle of 15 degrees if needed.

This siding nailer is quite ergonomic and lightweight, as its name suggests. The grip handle makes it possible for you to use it for a long time. Although you must maintain an air pressure of 70 PSI to 120 PSI in your air compressor while using this siding nailer. The nail magazine can hold 400 nails at once, which is quite high even for heavy-duty or industrial applications. These nails can be used for various purposes such as cement siding, sheathing, fencing, and more.

Freeman PCN65 Pnematic siding nailer

Best Kit: Metabo HPT Coil Siding Nailer

Metabo HPT stands for Metabo Hitachi Power Tools which mainly manufactures heavy-duty power tools and equipment. Therefore, its siding nailer is quite powerful and reliable at the same time.


  • Performance-based numbers
  • Easy to adjust
  • Designing ergonomically

  • Sort of expensive
  • Magazine capacity is low


  • support for nails with a length of 1/ 12 to 2 / 12 inches
  • operational air pressure ranges from 70 PSI to 120 PS
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • On the bottom, there is a magazine
  • Easily adjust depth without tools
  • Extra protection with a plastic shield

I have placed this Metabo HPT NV65AH2 siding nailer in the 3rd spot in this article since it can also be a very good choice if you are looking for highly powerful pneumatic siding nailers. You can use this siding nailer to fasten siding using nails of 1 / 12 inches to 2 / 12 inches in length.

These nails are either sheet collated wire nails or plastic sheet collated nails. This siding nailer also has a tool-free depth adjustment mechanism. This can be quite useful when using 16-degree wire collated coil nails on the siding.

Aside from having a 5-year warranty, Hitachi is a highly popular and reputable power tool manufacturer. You can expect a high-quality build from this pneumatic siding nailer.

 So since it is a pneumatic nailer, you will need to connect it to an air compressor to use it. And as for the air pressure, it can go up to 70 to 120 PSI quite easily. This tool comes with a magazine for quick reloads once the siding nails run out.

Metabo HPT Coil Siding Nailer

Best Product Warranty: MAX CN565S3 Siding Coil Nailer

Max is a lesser-known brand of power tools when compared to other options available.  And even then, it has excellent nail gun performance combined with a robust design that will be attractive to many.


  • A decent level of reliability
  • Performance numbers
  • Hassle-free and efficient

  • Pricey
  • Build quality on average


  • one and a half to two and a half inch nail length support
  • operational air pressure is between 70 and 120 PSI
  • a five-year warranty
  • A simple twist design deflects liquid (from hands)
  • 360-degree exhaust pipes that push air away
  • Triple trigger reset the anti-panic device
  • End cap filter that requires no maintenance

The Max CN565S3 is one of the more premium or expensive siding nailers out there when compared with other options.

Even though it’s pricey, this nailer’s build quality and performance might be worth the price for a lot of users. Just like the other options mentioned in this article, you can use 1 1/2 inches to 2 1/2 inch long nails for siding. 

With this siding coil nailer, you can drive nails for siding easily and precisely with the assistance of any air compressor. Just be sure your air compressor is set between 70 PSI and 120 PSI so that you will not experience any performance problems.

Although this Max power tools brand is on the pricey side, you will be pleasantly surprised with its accompanying warranty- 5 years to be exact. In addition, with a maintenance-free end cap filter, there will be little for you to worry about.

This roofing nailer can both face the roof and blow hot air away from you, which helps your safety and comfort when using it.

Honorable Mention: HBT 15 Degree Coil Siding Nailer

The HBT brand offers everything you need from power tools to protective gear made of durable steel. The siding nailer, HBCN65P shown here, is one of the most popular and well-reviewed tools from the brand.


  • Exceptional durability
  • Easy release and maintenance for your website.
  • Reconfigurable interfaces
  • Nail depth can be easily adjusted

  • Jamming is a frequent occurrence


  • nail support from 1/14 inches to 2/12 inches360° adjustable exhaust
  • the innovative 360-degree swivel air plug
  • weight: 4.99 pounds
  • Magnetic/foam aluminum housing

Typically, this nailer is used for driving plastic or wire collated coil siding nails. It is given a magnesium housing which contributes to its lightweight performance [and extensive durability.

If the machine becomes stuck or needs maintenance, you can open the magazine for jam-release and quick nose guide resetting.It only takes a flip of a switch to change it from sequential firing to contact firing.

One use for the air plug is to create 360-degree controllable exhaust in a variety of degrees, whether it’s for more dust-controlled working conditions or if you just want the machine running out of sight. With these types of pipes, you can adjust the nails without the need for any other equipment.

Siding Nailer FAQs

When installing or repairing siding, you may get by with a regular hammer, but a siding nailer will unquestionably get the job done faster. In order to ensure that the siding is adequately attached, it gives each nail a single blow that drives it to the same depth.

When you’re working with shingles or siding, you’ll need to have a specific kind of nail and a different kind of tool. It is not possible to use siding nails with roofing nailers since these two types of nailing require different kinds of tools and nails.

The length of the nails driven by a siding nailer is significantly less than those driven by a coil frame nailer. Siding does not need nearly as much support as framing does, therefore whereas framing need considerably larger nails that must penetrate deeply and give higher holding power, siding does not.
In most cases, the length of siding nails will range anywhere from 1-1/4″ up to 2-1/2″, however the length of frame nails can reach as far as 3-1/2″ or even more.


A siding nailer can be a great tool to have on hand if you plan on doing any maintenance, repairs or upgrades on your home. However, it is essential to know what features and functions are most important when buying one so that you don’t end up with something that doesn’t meet all of your needs.